About Us

After over 30 years I’ve got to know a lot of people, watched kids grow up and still see some of them and now treat their kids. Living right at the surgery I’m part of the community and although there have been a lot of changes, North Ryde is still a community.

I see my role as a health advisor and educator – there’s a limit to what people can achieve on the net with Dr Google.  Once a person finds out what has happened to their health and what the choices are to make it better it’s up to them to follow through and do what’s possible to improve their lives.

There are no guarantees in life but by living a healthier lifestyle and having the right medical interventions when necessary, everyone can improve their chances of healthy, happy lives in the lottery of life.

A doctor and patient need to be a team, with the goal being the well-being of the patient and satisfaction for the doctor. When I have medical students here I hope I can give them a taste of what real medicine is all about.

It’s about science and knowledge and skills but above all it’s about people.



After graduating from Sydney University with Honours and completing The Family Medicine Program Stephen started his practice in Blenheim Road as a fresh young enthusiastic GP. Settling into the community he acquired a beautiful wife and in time three gorgeous daughters. He has enjoyed watching patients’ families grow as his own has done. Taking up scuba diving in recent years, originally in search of the Splendid Mandarin Fish, has kept him young(ish) and he is still an enthusiastic GP.